Static & industrial guarding

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd provide Static & Industrial Guarding for businesses across the UK.

Static & Indusrial Guarding

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd provide Static & Industrial Guarding for businesses across the UK.

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Static Guarding

On business premises, our officers are responsible not just for the security of the site but they also represent your company to your visitors and clients. Our standard uniform comprising of shirt, tie, trousers or skirt and duty belt is designed to stand out and have a very smart and professional look. At Enforce Specialist Security Solutions we also have the respect and understanding that not all businesses would require this type of uniform for their contracted security personnel, and so provide a corporate uniform for our clients who require a more business-like dress code for their company premises.

Our security guards & officers receive extensive training in a number of disciplines so that they are equipped with the right knowledge and guidelines to fulfil various roles on your site. They will endeavour to get to know your staff so that they can provide an excellent service, and will often make extra efforts to do more than is required of them.

As from October 2015, all our static guarding sites have been issued with computer systems to allow our guards to complete electronic logging for they duties and email shift reports on a daily basis, keeping our customer up to date.

Industrial Guarding

Today industry is ever-changing and in most cases, new and greater hazards arise as companies grow and develop. With change comes Health & Safety and the development of new working methods, which are implemented to eliminate or greatly reduce the risk to persons on or around the worksite. No other working environment compares to the industrial sector in regards to hazards and potential fatalists materialising from these environments.

With an excellent understanding of high-risk environments within the industrial sector, we at Enforce Specialist Security Solutions ensure our guards are trained to the highest standards and are provided with the right equipment and PPE to carry out their duties within these environments safely and effectively. We ensure that all our personnel understand the environment they are working in and are governed by strict regulations which we monitor consistently. Clients also play a major role in staff training by means of inductions and additional certificated training required to work in these areas. In many cases, on large sites, a Security Site Manager will be provided and he/she will work more closely with the client to ensure the site remains secure and risks from trespassers, thefts, criminal damage and terrorist threats are eliminated or greatly reduced while ensuring security personnel act within safety measures required.

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Assistance in the use of electronic security and CCTV systems are also provided for these environments and constant reviews of these systems and security methods on site are updated regularly with the client.

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