Control Centre & CCTV Monitoring

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd's new Control Centre provides 24 hour remote CCTV Monitoring.

Control Centre & CCTV Monitoring

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd's new Control Centre provides 24 hour remote CCTV Monitoring.

Control Centre

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd are proud to announce that we have re-designed and re-built our Control Centre to enhance its capability for our customers and employees alike. The control centre now features a top of range CCTV wall and a custom-built desk that gives our operator better viewing and allows quick responses to incidents.

The design of the control centre has incorporated a number of new technologies and methods that allow our operations team to quickly assess any occurring incidents and the ability to send the nearest required assets with pinpoint accuracy. The ability of the control centre is quite extensive and careful consideration has not only been taken into account about future technologies but the methods and procedures our operators will have to perform during the course of their duties.

Due to the nature of the control centre and the information stored within this facility careful planning has gone into securing it from unauthorised access and/or attempted forced entry. Some of these methods include locating it at a discrete location and in a secure building to prevent access by unauthorised personnel. Access control measures have also been installed such as a steel security door with a double locking mechanism. Operators also have full CCTV coverage around the building using armoured and tamperproof cameras. Access to the control centre is restricted to operations staff and senior management only and strict policies and procedures are in place. All systems are password protected and fail-safes installed for further preventive measures.

CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring allows our operations team in our control centre to access the clients own onsite CCTV system via the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This allows a client's premises to have constant surveillance at a fraction of the cost compared to that of contracting a manned guarding service.

With the use of analytics and motion detection software, we can set various parameters to a client's CCTV system that provides alarm functions. This allows the system to recognise when a vehicle or person has entered a particular area and alerts the CCTV operators who can investigate the activation further by operating the onsite CCTV systems. In the event of intruders being detected the operators can then call the nearest security patrol to attend the site to investigate further or call the local police force if it's evident that a break-in is in progress. The huge advantage of using analytics is that the system can be set to recognise the difference between humans, cars, animals etc and by setting the correct parameters the system will only notify the operators of an intruder when there actually is one.

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