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Security guards for static and retail guarding

At Enforce Specialist Security Solutions, we are sensitive to specific needs of each and every client and ensure that the right calibre of security officers are working in a smart and professional and effective way for our clients. Our standards of health and safety are among the highest and we supply our security teams with a wide range of training and equipment to ensure they are operating within the safest possible environment. Combined with excellent supervision and with a 24 hour support and control centre our security officers will be able to get assistance at a moment's notice.

Our management team will spend as much time as necessary with any of our working sites to ensure that our staff are operating in an effective and professional manner. Regular reports keep our clients up to date with arising issues and incidents and again face to face meetings with management to ensure both parties are aware of any arising issues that need addressing.

We can provide highly trained and professional security officers to all kinds of retail outlets, in both the roles of highly visible uniformed security officers and also plain clothed store detectives.


Our security professionals can also work with civil recovery procedures with regard to the catching and detaining of offenders.

• Gate houses

• Reception duties

• Construction sites

• Industrial sites

• Retail stores

• Leisure parks

Keeping you up to date

Venues that we guard:

We'll keep your shop and its belongings safe and secure

We can also provide a qualified loss prevention officer to monitor your shop's stock and for staff monitoring exercises. Enforce Specialist Security Solutions can provide stock management and high management with details on 'mystery shopper' exercises as required.

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