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Security key holding services

Enforce Specialist Security Solutions has unlocked a new trouble free era for all business owners and managers with alarm response and key holding responsibilities.

Our alarm response is an inexpensive response service that provides its client with peace of mind every time their alarms are activated. We have our own team of experienced response officers and trained do handlers to react should any problems arise.

Our key holder escort service is designed for priority key holders, business managers or owners who prefer to visit their premises themselves, should there be alarm activation. In some cases it may be that you require additional security and have the comfort and safety of being escorted into the building by a high risk response security officer.

A response service to give you peace of mind

Priority key holding for business managers and owners

We can solve many problems for businesses who require their premises securing and reopening up out of normal hours.


With this scheme, company managers have the reassurance that their premises are being checked and secured, and reopened at a designated time by a leading professional security company in the area.


This type of service is more commonly contracted for:


• Retail and leisure parks (so as to secure service yards and car


• Public parks and children's play areas

• Multi storey car parks

• Open and closing of pedestrian zone to traffic

Open and lock services