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High risk security teams

Amongst the most professional and effective security officers in the UK, our high risk security teams have a wide range of equipment and training. They are normally contracted to short term deployment in the areas that have serious criminal activities or to protect high value installations against such things as protesters. They often work in partnership with the local Police authorities and councils to ensure that they are working effectively and in good practice.

With an extensive range of knowledge, experience and working in many types of environments, they will without a doubt fulfil your security requirements very effectively.


To date, our teams are contracted to public order duties alongside the Police in town centres, response teams for the events industry and security for the large international companies all over the UK.

Our specialist areas are the night economy, football matches and public events.


Deployments can provide a range of equipment to support any type of operation, including flood lighting, generators, barriers etc.


Please note that Enforce Specialist Security Solutions Ltd street marshals are a non-public service provider and only provides its services to local government and emergency service sectors.

Street marshals are a support company for the emergency services and local governments. We can provide a range of services which include, specialist support systems and dedicated support teams for many duties including anti-social behaviour and public order tasks.


Each service has been carefully developed and can be adjusted to suit each department's own requirements. Our high standards of staff training and the procurement of reliable and effective equipment reflects on our ability to provide nothing less than a professional service.

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